More than an iPad wine menu, VINU allows guests to browse the restaurant wine list according to their preferences or seek personalized, intelligent wine recommendations.

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Vinu Device Showcase

We value their eagerness to listen to our ever-changing business and product needs and respond as appropriate. In short, LionMane has played a very important role in ensuring that we continue to offer the most robust and innovative products for our global customer base.


Craig Saper

Chief Innovation Officer at Sponsiv


Vinu Running on an iPad

Wine is difficult to decipher, so many options, so many factors involved, it’s fairly easy to make mistakes especially when lacking the experience. Sponsiv digital saw the complexities of picking the right wine as a business opportunity and conceptualized Vinu, an iOS app, that would make it easier for users to pick the right wine and look like a pro in the process. Sponsiv managed to position their wine listing app in the global market, they also went on to introduce a second app called CellarMaster, expanding on a selection of high-quality spirits and obtaining a positive user acceptance.

Sponsiv’s apps are used by high-scale restaurants, top class hotels, and other sophisticated wine and spirits distributors. They are not only getting a beverage listing app but a whole top world experience that featured a simply elegant interface that presented users with a myriad of details, considerations, tips, and even tests to help them make an educated selection.

LionMane entered the scene when Sponsiv faced issues on their administrative systems that required immediate solution. Their clients, being of the utmost importance to Sponsiv couldn’t deal with a defective product so professionalism and experience were in order.

We worked on their administrative interface and APIs using PHP 5.6 for legacy support and deployed using AWS EC2 servers, data was stored on AWS RDS while assets were served from S3 buckets.

We were able to successfully deliver on our client’s requirements and managed to exceed their expectations. Sponsiv was so pleased that they decided to trust us with their end-user apps, Vinu and CellarMaster. These apps were developed specifically for iPad, and this meant that development had to be iOS native. To ensure proper delivery LionMane worked with an iOS development ecosystem consisting of iOS developers working with Objective C and Swift on XCode, and QA testing being performed on actual iPad devices for maximum reliability.

Once we delivered on Sponsiv’s initial requirements we were asked to continue with the development of new features and handling the maintenance of apps and administrative systems. To this day, we have resolved numerous issues, introduced new features to apps and administrative interfaces, developed APIs and implemented changes as required. All provided along with unfailing support, approachability, and expertise.

Finally, Sponsiv’s unrelenting drive to produce content of the highest quality has been a constant through our business relationship, and working with them has meant countless challenges. Challenges we have enjoyed working on, challenges we have learned from, and challenges we have overcome by working together.


Native iOS Development
A major requirement for Vinu has been the ability to develop natively on Objective C and Swift as the app is exclusively deployed on Apple’s iPad. LionMane delivers on their promise to produce software specially tailored to our client’s needs and this case was not the exception. To this end, we created an iOS development process that ensured quality and reliability of the solutions.
Personalized Support
Support is a LionMane defining value and easily the cornerstone of this project as timely support has been critical for Sponsiv as it is constantly on the look for new clients, showcasing products and producing demos. We help our clients make a good impression to close the deals.
Full Code Coverage
From PHP, Python and Javascript to Swift and Objective-C, Vinu represents one of the most language-varied projects we've worked on at LionMane.

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