Like having a team of co-founders by your side.

LionMane is not just any software development company. Our way of doing business goes well beyond that. What we bring is an entrepreneurial approach to your project's execution, helping you solve business aspects of your software solution, from inception to maintenance.

What is in a software solution project? If you believe software solutions play a fundamental role in contemporary businesses and should be handled with a business-first approach, then you think just like us. We are the partners you can trust long-term to assist with handling every aspect of your software project, to make your business a success.

From series A funded startups to multinational corporations, our clients come in all shapes  and sizes. The one thing they all have in common: Vision.





Most of our clients stay with us for 2 years or more.

Our client satisfaction strategy is simple: we favor quality over quantity. We deliberately work with a small number of clients and that's because we strive on building meaningful business relationships. We turn clients into partners.

We get it, you look for solutions to be effective, flexible and above all, simple. This is why many of our partners come back to us for additional projects, not just because of the quality of our output, but because we put an extra effort to become your first option. We believe in developing strong and meaningful business relationships because they naturally lead to better collaborations, better interactions,  and better experiences. This all makes for productive business relations that also are fun and enjoyable.



Our company is product of years of building and honing business and development processes.

LionMane manages each project with individual considerations and care. Our experience allows us to find the best approach to each project. You know what you want just not how to do it? Don't worry, we'll help you fine tune the details. We'll give you options in tech and methodology, help you find out more about where your project is, and where it needs to be. In no time, you'll have your project up and running.

Worry-free development is being in control, meeting deadlines and client expectations. We know what it takes to get things done and we deliver. Whether what you look for is software that allows your fridge to talk to your toaster through Internet of Things, or a customized eCommerce solution built to process millions of dollars per day. We’ve got you covered.

Full-Stack Development
Commercial Systems
Product Ideation
UX Design
Mobile Development
Real-World Integration
Bussiness Intelligence
Deployment & Launch
Quality Assurance
User-Centric Strategy
Time Efficient



We value relationships over accounts

We're intentionally small because we value relationships over accounts, and we believe in personalizing the development process for each client. We're very selective, choosing to work on the projects we love and share your vision. That let's us focus obsessively on each project, working as a strongly knit team together with you.

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